Review: Melissa & Doug Shopping Cart

If you've got a child who loves to play shop then a shopping cart can really complete the experience. There are a number of carts on the market, all designed to house your child's groceries and other goodies, but the Melissa & Doug Shopping Cart stands out thanks to the fact that it's made from real metal. But is it worth the price? Features Of The Melissa & Doug Shopping Cart * Durable metal construction, * Pivoting front wheels and folding doll seat, * Safety feature stops cart rolling when children lean on it, * Adult assembly required, * Dimensions: 14 x 15.2 x 17.2 inches, * Recommended for ages 3 – 10. Is The Melissa & Doug Shopping Cart Worth Buying? One of the main reasons why you'll choose the Melissa & Doug Shopping Cart over other options is the fact that it isn't made with plastic (aside from the handle and folding seat). It's made from real metal, making it more durable and as realistic as you can get. It's really easy to put together, and once it is you'll find that it feels extremely durable and sturdy: this is a kid's toy that can stand up to a lot of use. There's an important safety feature built into this shopping trolley to stop children rolling away on it. The legs are mounted onto rubber feet that'll hit the ground if your child leans to hard on the trolley. These act as brakes to stop the whole thing rolling away. The main disadvantage of this product comes from the fact that it's so well made: because it's made using real, durable metal, it means that kids can ram it into walls and furniture. This will eventually cause some damage, and some parents have noticed marks on walls or scratches on furniture. The rolling wheels can also damage certain floors, so this is something that you'll need to consider if your kids are going to use the trolley indoors. There's not too much to be said for a shopping trolley: it's a simple toy that can encourage imaginative play. However, an extra folding seat is a nice touch, meaning that your child can bring their favorite doll or stuffed animal out shopping with them. The Melissa & Doug Shopping Cart does cost more than others on the market, but it's clear to see why. The material really does make it look and feel a lot more sturdy, making it an excellent choice for any kids who love to go pretend shopping!


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